August 28, 2009

ID Cards excuse de jour

The excuse de jour for ID Cards is changing, again. This time it is to help with with CRB checks, or why won't somebody think of the chiiiiildren! Not that CRB checks are much more than a invasive tax on voluntary work with an alarmingly high false positive rate. If a mind probe existed Labour would probably make thinking about anybody under 18 illegal as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think your missing the point here. It's not that the 'excuse' for ID cards is 'changing again', its the opposite. Ther are simply more uses for ID cards than people first envisaged. As more organisations become aware of what they can offer - an identity document 2.0 if you like compared to what we have now - the more organisations start to say how they intend to take advantage of them. An inevitable process I suspect.

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